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Friday, August 29th, 2008
9:54 am - Election
Ok lets talk politics. Oh and hello everyone I'm back for my yearly post =).

So I have been following the political spotlight in the last few months watching Obama take the DNC, choosing Biden as his running mate etc.

Now watching McCain choose his running mate, who the hell is this gov from Alaska? I mean ok she is female, maybe she can pull the Hillary's voters over. But hold on, oh yea thats right this Alaskan governor from the sticks is a complete 180 from Hillary Clinton. Alaska is the most corrupt state in the US, her own political career is questionable. And the republicans goal is to ramp her up to speed in the next 67 days to go up againest Joe Biden who has been in govt for the last 3 decades, who has an established foreign relations background and someone that can speak to the public and win them over.

All she is, is a ploy for McCains camp to try and win over the female population. Her stance is way to right winged and I do not believe the American population is going to fall for it. Look here is the deal, this is what I want in a president. I could care less right now for all the policies and what they stand for. I want someone that looks good not only at home but over seas. Obama has that ability to somehow with his charisma and charm, his amazing oratory skills to open his arms and give you this welcoming feeling. I look at McCain and Palin all I see is a grumpy old white man with his grumpy lil mistress.

So here is the deal. Obama speaks of this Hope and Change he hasn't been as specific as he likes, but dammit this Hope and Change is more than Washington has given us in the last 8 years. At least he is willing to speak it at least he is willing to tap into our hearts and not into our fears. Maybe he is saying everything we want to hear, but there is no damn way that he can take us any deeper than we already are. We are so deep in shit right now that I have to pick it out of my nose.

Yes, Obama is tapping into our dreams and hopes but this is something that I can believe in and hope to be apart of. One thing everyone should note, during election time how much of anything anyone that is running is saying is actually followed through on during there actual presidency. Everything is smokes and mirrors till they get into office, till then I'm going to follow the smokes and mirrors that lead me to a brighter light than to a dull cave.

Oh and someone should let the Governor of Alaska know that Obama has been running on the Hope/Change train for the last year now. She just had a speech and said and I quote, "If you are looking for Change in Washington, if you are looking for Hope in America." Man that sounds a lot like the democrats, I don't think she got the memo to come up with something a little more unique.

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
7:04 am
Morning folks,

So I haven't posted in years. I hope all is well. My life has been a mix of emotions recently. It's been good and bad now slowly getting back to good. To kind of start off I moved out of the TBAM house, man reason was financial. The job I was working for stopped paying me and I was not as proactive looking for a job like I should. I am currently in legal actions againest the old company to get around $2500 back that they owe me. I miss the TBAM house but I also was not the best roommate I shall admit. I had brought with me habits that were suitable when living with 6 white guys. Now not to be racist but yea it's definatley different living with 6 white guys and 3 asian peeps. So definatley watching my habits now especially since I moved out and moved in with my Linh, Thu I am now putting down the toilet seat everytime I use it. On top of that I have a new job dontown as a Project/Account Manager for Mod Systems. I had my first day yesterday and it was pretty awesome. The company is about 2 years old about 40 employees and they are still growing. Yesterday happened to be my Managers birthday so we all had beers in the afternoon. Very laid back and relaxed I do work with mainly guys =( lame and they are all tech/software guys so pretty nerdy atmosphere. But they are all pretty cool so I am pretty excited to work there. Okie doke well I shall start posting more just cause it feels good to get it out. Talk to ya'll soon.

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Friday, December 29th, 2006
12:33 pm
Hi folks, just wanted to update everyone on how life is. Right now I’m in lihue, kuaui hawaii.. I’m actually sitting in one of those lawn chairssitting on the beach getting my tan on with Linh. I’m out on a corporate conference. And it is nice and sunny and the best place in the world. Ya I’m here for 7 nights we are staying at the Sheraton hotel right on the water. We have a garden view room. Yup, not to bad cant’ complain. It’s so cool here cause we get up at 4 in the morning and start working at 5. And then from there that early in the morning it feels like the hotel is all ours and nno one elses. We got a few things planned for the trip, parasailing, snorkling, maybe horseback riding, hiking, kayaking. But ya I’m mainly here for work though. We have a company training session that occurs here every year at the end of the year people that the ceo feels should come out he pays for there ticket and also for there hotel room and we come out here and work. I mean seriously where in the world is there a better place to work than here in hawaii on a beach. I still get wireless in ternet still have cellphone service. I mean the only thing I am currently missing is an electrical plug outlet. The waitress will bring us mai tais, yea...can’t complain to much. Way to cool here. So ya going to be here for new years and this is also linh and I’s 6 months on the 2nd of January so that’s going to be cool ccelebrate it here. Not sure what I’m going todo for a year now since we are in hawaii for our 6 months. Oh well. Mmk gonna get back to work, adios folks.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
4:01 am
Hi Folks,

Currently in New York for the day. Meeting with the largest hospital in New York in regards to our product. It’s a possible client of mine. And it’s gonna be a pretty important meeting. Pretty excited and pumped about it. They are looking for a disaster medical facility and looks like we are the only one they are looking at. So yea within one month I’ve been to Pakistan, London, and New York. And then I’m going to Hawaii at the end of this month. So I’ll have to say so far so good with this company. I can’t complain. Ok I’ll update you guys on the progress of the meeting. When I get home. Tonite.

Oh and also I just bought a car. Just an update =P Mitsubishi Endeavor.

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4:01 am
Hi Folks,

Currently in New York for the day. Meeting with the largest hospital in New York in regards to our product. It’s a possible client of mine. And it’s gonna be a pretty important meeting. Pretty excited and pumped about it. They are looking for a disaster medical facility and looks like we are the only one they are looking at. So yea within one month I’ve been to Pakistan, London, and New York. And then I’m going to Hawaii at the end of this month. So I’ll have to say so far so good with this company. I can’t complain. Ok I’ll update you guys on the progress of the meeting. When I get home. Tonite.

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Saturday, November 18th, 2006
4:32 am
Hi folks,

I am writing from London, currently at the Dorchester Hotel. Ya damn nice hotel. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how my Pakistan trip went.

First off we cut it short by 2 days had some issues and for health reasons for a few people in our group we took off.

Personally the 3 days that I was there was some of the most amazing experiences of my life. these are some of the key things that happened when I was there.

- we had a caravan of 9 SUVs 6 security guys and 20+ of us.
- the roads are some of the craziest things ever the driving is worse than asia. One lane roads no barriers up the side of mountain.
- handed out 500 goats
- i went off by myself for 3 hrs and was surrounded by pakistanis
- i road on top of a "jingle truck" hanging out with Pakistanis while everyone else in my group was 2 hrs away.
- got stuck on the middle of the mountain road by myself talking to pakistanis
- i have pictures of me holding Ak-47's for those of you if you don't know what that is, it's a automatic rifle.
- gave out lots and lots of toys to kids
- came across some spiders that were literally the size of my hand
- hiked the himalayan mountains
- had some really good food
- almost got in a fight at the Islamabad airport

ya and many more. I will give you stories for each thing. But seriously I had so much fun for the 3 days I was there.

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Saturday, November 11th, 2006
8:13 pm - UPDATE
Hi folks,

I have no updated in a very long time and thats cause i've been busy as hell and have not hada good time to update. So here is my update. I leave for my trip tomorrow. Some people think i'm going to Iraq and i'm not. I'm going to a location similar to that. I am going over for one week for humanitarian work. Going to be setting up homes, providing food, clothing, and toys. I'm really excited because I am going to be climbing the Himalayan Mountains. Who has ever said that they climbed the himalayan mountains. Yea i'm going to be drinking tea with people in there cave homes. I dunno it's going to be a good time. I'll be there for one week, I am going to be keeping a video journal, and also a written journal. Will take lots of pictures with my digital camera.

After that trip i will be going to London for another week. I am staying at the Dorchester Hotel, pretty sweet place. We are going to be looking for a new office in London. I am also going to be interviewing people for our office there. It's going to be pretty crazy. So I will be there for another week. Really excited for both trips going back to back. I will update everyone whenever I can. BUt right now I gotsta get back to packing, ah so much stuff to pack it's crazy.!

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006
9:24 pm
Hi folks,

I have not updated in a long time. It’s been a very very busy month for me. So many things are going on at once it’s crazy. I’m still with the lady everything is going really good. She makes me smile it feels good, it’s been a while since I’ve felt good so it’s nice. Right now though I feel bad because my life is completely encompassed around my job. This month we’ve been at the Puyallup fair we have a booth here it’s funny because we don’t even care about the people that show up. We actually do corporate training in this 20x20 unit that we have and it has about 30 people in it during the day time. And we are all sitting inside the unit staring out and the CEO stands out on the walkway teaching us and people that are at the fair for the fair walk by really really confused it’s pretty funny. So yea we’ve been here since the beginning of the month. I work from 6AM-10PM mon-thurs, Sun and 6AM-11PM Fri, and sat. I don’t get much time to spend with Linh and I feel bad because I know she feels left out. I tried explaining why I love working and we’ve come to an understanding that we are different levels in my life but I believe it will work out and I’m not giving up on it. Yea it’s interesting.

I have developed a big picture item. I guess you can say my significance in life and found my mission. So background, before joining this company I was thinking about joining the peace corp or some organization that helps people and changes the world. That is something I’ve always wanted to do. I have a passion for making people smile I have a passion of teaching and making a difference in the world. I thought these organizations were great they were making a difference. Then I joined this company. My company has opened up my eyes to the truth of NGO’s and the truth of the UN. It’s a sad existence and I am setting my life to changing it. I am learning amazing things at this company that no matter where I go I will be the best at that company. And it’s not me being cocky even though I am, but the skills I am learning is unheard of. This opportunity is great and I am loving every minute of it. I sat down with the CEO when I realized my mission and told him, he told me he would help me in whatever way possible and help guide me in the direction to help make a difference. My goal though is to join the UN, I want to be the one that steps in there and changes the entire way of how things are done. It’s a huge leap but this is now my passion, I have always wondered what I am meant to do in this world and I believe this is it. I work a lot and it’s hard at times because my friends and family do not understand why I do it. But the main reason is because I believe I have found my significance in life. I have taken the small box of a world that I was in and expanded it for the bigger picture. I still only have the framework of this painting over the next few years at this company I will slowly begin filling in the lines and paint my significance for everyone to understand. If anyone ever wants to hear it and I would love to get anybodys opinion on my situation and what I am envisioning I would love to sit down and talk about it and hopefully get some guidance on it from my friends and family.

So next month I am taking one my first steps to my dream. I am going to Pakistan. I don’t know when and it’s not set in stone but we will be on call for deployment starting Oct 01. I recently have been working on our Pakistan project the company has been there twice already and this is our 3rd time. WE have sent more shelters to use as homes and we are going to go there and help them set them up. We are also looking to help them plant and provide agricultural assistance, also looking into livestock for them. I have stepped up and right now I call Pakistan at night trying to find the ability to get them the right type of plant and produce for that area.
When I found out that we were going I told my CEO I have to go, I need to go, I want to go. He came back at me and told me before I go I need to sign a waver that says my family will not sue the company if I die. We aren’t going into friendly territory, we are going into the same area where the terrorist in London are from. When you land at the airport there you are surrounded by Pakistanis and muslims caring AK-47’s. Last year they drove through a “Die America” rally drove right through it an hr before them showing up the rally had chased down an American and shot him. This is a very serious country but at this point in my life I belive I need to be there I believe that if I don’t go I will regret that decision for the rest of my life. I want to go help I want to go teach I need to go open my mind to a 3rd world country.

Now saying that I have actually extended the invitation to Al’n. Main reason is because we are doing filming there and if we may be allowing other people to come it might be an opportunity that he could take. We are putting together a documentary we’ve already hired a actual company but I think Al’n might have a bit more talent and a different vision that I think the CEO would appreciate. It’s an opportunity to film in another country but of course you have to look at the situation. I dunno I guess I just want someone else in my life to feel the way I feel and hell I think Al’n could show that through his camera lens as I can voice it through my vocal cords.

So yes, this is my passion this is my life. I try to balance everything but right now I am young and I have enough energy to just work and make money, learn and get it done. You only live once I plan on living it to the fullest.

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Thursday, August 10th, 2006
7:08 pm
A much deserved post. I miss you folks, it's been a very long time since i've posted and updated everyone on my life. Where to start it's been a crazy 4 months.


So work is going pretty amazing. I have proven my worth to the company being the only one to have closed deals consistently every single month. I am up to $70K on my gross sales for the year. The next guy in line was $20K. Now I say was because multiple people have quit. Actually that is an understatement. Out of the 6 commercial sales people and 2 managers so 8 people all together there are 2 people left. Me and one other sales associate. It's understandable they can't cut it. The hrs are long the work is hard I'll admit it right now it is not an easy job. 11 hrs a day 6 hrs on Sat. and then more work when I get home. Heck its not to bad for me because I am young and I don't have a family to worry about, my priorities at the moment are myself. So yes, this is my life now a days work. I love what I do especially now because there is no one to compete with for projects. On a daily basis I get call in leads that just bring me closer to my goal. I am scheduled to gross at $300K by the end of this month. I have a really hot project I am working on that will extend me to my next level of everything after $250K is commission + salary. So yes it is looking good and I am really excited because I have some really cool projects coming up.


So been officialy seeing Linh now for 1 month and 8 days. She is amazing, I have a fun time with her and she is also kind of a challenge. I'll admit it i'm not used to a girl that is as flirty as I am and likes to party. She is a dancer so she loves the clubs, she has fun out there and I'll admit again I do get a little jealous seeing her dance with other guys but I also know I have nothing to worry about. sigh...she knows so many people to and has more guy friends than I have girl friends. So yes it's a taste of my own medicine and I can't be a hypocrite about it. So yes I need my LJ fam to meet her sometime, Thu and Al'n have but the rest of the fam hasn't had the opportunity to. Hopefully soon.


I'm fat, i now have pudge and I need to get rid of it. I need to develop self control and get my self to the gym consistently. I think I weight 190 now. Which I guess is ok for my height but I want to weigh that and be tone I don't want to be pudge. I want my gf think I am sexy and not cute. Need to change habits, I keep telling my self but dammit I need to force myself. Sigh...why do i love food just can't help it. I always knew my metabolism was going to catch up with me. I used to be nice and skinny and now it's all down hill. I think I might go back to my Kung-Fu club and get back into things. I miss the fight I miss the self control and discipline. That is what I need in my life. That is going to be my goal next week hit the gym and don't miss a day. I need a work out plan and I need to stick to it.


So after reading Tukie's post I hope I know what I am doing with my life. I have so many dreams but right now I believe my dreams are and will be involving the company I am working for. On a day to day basis I am learning something new and it is a great feeling to know that the strategy that I am developing to close my sales will help me in the future. The CEO is pretty freaking cool and really gets involved in our sales and what we do. It's a great opportunity and I am truly blessed to have stumbled aross this chance.

So that is a brief update, TAMM house please let me know when the house warming is I wanna come and help break it in =P.

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Saturday, July 8th, 2006
3:16 pm
Hello folks,
Been a while since i've updated. So it's been a good few days and the 4th was pretty sweet. Went to a BBQ with Linh at the restraunt she works at. It was sweet, lots and lots of food and lots of alcohol can't complain. It was cool cause got to hang out with her friends and meet some new peeps. So that was around noon then headed to my Buddy Rob's and drank some more right on the water relaxing. Couldn't figure out what we really wanted to do in terms of watching the fireworks, so we decided to head back to my place and watch it from Kirkland. it was pretty sweet because by the time we got there, there was no one on the dock. So we sat there bundled up drinking wine and was lucky enough to be able to see 3 different shows. Kirkland, Gasworks, Medina. It was pretty amazing. So ya...guess i gots me a girlfriend now and she is a cutie. Ok time to go fold laundrey. Oh Jen Chen I found you the greatest club ever. You need to come back here and go to Tabella. It is a buffet of black men =P was there last night and thats all it is, black men everywhere oie..i think you would've fainted if you were there.

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Friday, June 30th, 2006
9:31 pm
ladies and gentlemen.

time for a mini update. It has been a great time here in Kirkland. I am currently tan enough that I can pass as a Mexican. Hola coma estas? So I'm in a mini relationship deal, its a rather interesting situation if u ask me. We are seeing each other exclusivly, yea I duno what that means but it's going good. She's a real cool gal and I've only scratched the surface of who she is and that is what is exciting about it all. So ya thats my life, i go to work, i get tan, i hang out with the lady and then more work. I need a vacation, I wanna go some where nice and comfy but oh well.

i got fam in town from Jersey. It's pretty cool, my cuzs are awesome it's nice cause they are about the same age as me so it's nice to have people that I can relate to and have a good time. Currently my two cuzs and my sisters are staying at my place in Kirkland. To bad I gotta work tomorrow at 5AM, good times if you ask me. I got my 3 month review with the HR guy tomorrow so should be good. Doing really well at work and having a good time there, I get a long with the CEO really well which is good. Always joking with him he's a really cool guy with a lot of insight on how to live life to the fullest and make the best out of the position that I am in. I look forward to go to work everyday which is nice. Man..it's 9:30 almost time for my bedtime. So yes that is that, I miss everyone. Daniel and Thuc gone from my life all the way down to cali, Gina and Jerry leaving soon to. Shoot I dunno wat I'm gonna do with myself. I got Al'n Mark and Thu still that is always love thats for sure, but man LJ crew is growing up. Ight kids time for bed hopefully will see everyone soon.

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Monday, June 19th, 2006
8:51 pm
howdy folks,
i just wanna say thanks for everyone that came out on Sat. I'm sorry I showed up so late but the way my life is right now work comes first. So with that note I would like to thank Daniel and Tukie for coming on over and breaking my place in before everyone showed up. It was a good time and I hope everyone else had a good time to. Props to Derek for bringing out the game that we played...ya u are right we don't have to be drunk for it to be dirty. oh the things that come out of our mouths. Hopefully everyone that has pictures can post somewhere soon that would be awesome.

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
6:05 am

Just went on my first business trip for the company. I have been in Nevada for the last 4 days. Has anyone heard of ELko, Nevada? Ya I haven't and I was in the butt fuck of no where. Like seriously where the fuck is Elko? So ya it was a good time though. Even though I was surrounded by a bunch of hicks. We were at this mining convention. It was pretty huge convention and it was cool because got a lot of good leads from it and learned a lot about mining. Also learned that I work with a bunch of alcholics. What was cool about this convention is white people LOVE them some BEER. Each of these tents are like mining equipment and so forth, but basically each tent has these big ass coolers and they were just giving beer away. I'd go to a tent and they give me beer. So me and the guys would walk around and get leads and check booths out and drink for free it was pretty cool.

Since I was in Nevada gambling in the state is basically legal so the first night I went to the casino down the st from our SUPER 8 MOTEL and played some Holdem it was great because I won $173 in 2 hrs. good ol poker.

Friday night after the convention we drove out to Reno, Nevada. I was tired as shit, but my managing director was sayin we should go out and hang out. So the 9 of us hit up the Hilton Hotel. It was pretty cool, I go beers and wound up going to the driving range with my director and 2 other sales guys. We were sitting there hitting balls into this man made lake and it had little wooden islands on it. It was pretty freakin cool, gettin drunk and playin some golf. But yea good times can't complain.

So at airport right now and chillin and there are loose slUts around and I just wanna put a $1 in them and take them for a spin. Ok time to do a little bit of work. Hopefully i'll see the LJ crew this weekend.

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
5:20 pm
morning folks. Man it's been a while since i've posted on here. So ya heres update on my life. Work is kick ass, loving every minute of it and it's kind of freaking me out because i work 11-12 hrs a day but I look forward to getting up at 4:30AM and working till about 4-5. But yes. So moved into my new place. It's pretty sweet. It's nice and big and cozy. I like living by myself. So heres a little update on house warming parties. So i'm going to be having 2. One is for my white folk friends. That date is still TBD. Now for the asian folk because everyone is leaving, I have narrowed it down to June 17th. That should be before Tukie and Daniel leave and Jen Chen will be in town still. So let me know what you guys think and then I will give out the final say in a week or so. But yea other than that, that is the game plan. I think what we can do hopefully it'll be nice. But yea we can BBQ then go down to the park and hang out play beach vball or something, or just hang out by the pool. I might try and see if my old buddy will let me borrow his boat because if so that'd be a nice addition and we can just lounge in the water =P. But yes everything is still a toss up. But June 17th is most likely going to be the date. Lemme know what ya'll think. Oh yes and thank you for Al'n big dong for helping me move in and for vaGINA for helping me set up my furniture at place because i have no clue what is going on. And Al'n and I just stood around like a bunch of confused monkeys throwing poop on the wall.

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Friday, May 12th, 2006
3:32 pm
alright folks this is an update of my ego getting huge because of work. So yesterday we had a big meeting with the CEO and stuff. And it was a training session they built the training session around suggestions that I make and they thank me before the meeting starts. Then during the meeting they ask the new sales guys theres 4 of us who they think is helping out the most among us in terms of building team work. So one guy says me and says nice things then another guys says another one of our sales guys. So then the trainer asks so out of you four who do you think is in a position right now to be a leader, and they all said me! It was pretty cool it was in the meeting room with everyone in it. BUt ya i came into this company as an underdog i didn't have the amount of sales experience as some of them. Most the 3 other guys have had about 5-6 years i've had maybe a year. So i came into this full force needing and wanting to make an impression so i'm happy that it is paying off and now they need to know not to underestimate me.

But ya because i've done good they have been throwing me a bone. Basically we have been training and drilling each other and basically qualifying each other thats how we do business here. I don't give answers just ask questions and it works. So today they had a loan solicitation call and what happened was the receptionist took the guys number and then the CEO told us to call him and qualify. So they let me be the first person up to qualify it was pretty funny as hell. I just asked questions and the person on the other line just got pissed and hung up on me. It was soooo freakin hiliarious. The rules were I could only ask questions and not give ANY answers at all. So ya it was classic i think we are going to call solicitors an qualify them now and see how good we are. So ya that has been my day..good times at work. shit it's almost 4, 11 hrs flies by so fast.

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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
6:04 pm


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1:27 pm

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11:32 am
Hey folks,

So chillin at work got a few mins here inbtwn and wanted to update people on my life. Um…I look sexy in my new clothes. I must say thank you to Daniel and Tukie for sexifying me! And in regards to the rumors that may be going around I have no ladies in my life I am single. So in line with that one there are some mighty fine ladies that work in the office next to mine. Gonna hafta find a way to work my way in there =P.

So an update on my living situation, I have gotten the thumbs up from the owner of the condo and will be moving into the condo that is only 5 mins away from my work. I will be moving in starting the 19th. Now I heard Jen Chen is going to be gone in mid June, so I am going to have to find out the best day to throw a house warming party. Now Jen what day are you going to be gone exactly? Hopefully u’ll be around btwn the 15-18 of June. Cause that would be a good weekend. Let me know what you guys think, I wanna just have a gathering after I’ve settled down and have some of the much needed amentities of a home such as a stripper pole and stuff oh yea and lots of mirrors to =P. Ok gonna go back to work now.

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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
10:16 pm
Ight so I had a post up a week ago about drinking and running =P And how I was at the cactus and hung out with some friends and made new friends. Well I found the guys website that we were hanging out with and got some pics from that day. GOod times that day just proved to me that when I am older and have a 21 year old kid i'm gonna still be out with my wife having a good ol day.

This was the couple that I met there friends were behind me or soemthing. It was Gwen's bday and thats her husband Mike he works at Microsoft.

A lil group picture here.

So as you can see in this picture I had my Underarmour shirt on and I really was going to go running...and then someone put a double shot of Tequila in front of me.

Yes this is one of Mikes friends, I forget her name but she's hot and ya pretty much as Al'n would put it...DOABLA =P.

So yes I love being my loud friendly self, I can make friends with old folk to and ask a guy if he needs any help taking care of his wife and daughter at the same time and he's ok with it =P Oh how sweet it is. I think it's mainly because i'm this scrawny asian guy with glasses and they don't expect it, and once I open my mouth and start blabbering they are so confused that they drop there guard and it's all ok. Muahaha I'm gonna take over the world one day!

Ok time to go to bed it's 10:30 and way past my bed time.

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Friday, May 5th, 2006
9:43 pm
Friday night and i'm at Kahili Coffee house in Kirkland doing work. The good days...sigh i'm old. It's good though I like the work I do. I am trying to make it so every night I have at least 1 hr to review notes and go over anything I need to work on. Obviously right now i'm taking a mini break. It's tough to be working tonite because it's Cinco De Mayo and everyone and their mother is out in Kirkland drinking. But ya i like it here. So folks I'm going to have to say the BAM house is going to be a no go for me. I am announcing it publicly. It is now the AM house. I'm really sorry Mark but even if I don't get the place on the water I am still going to stay in Kirkland. The commute in itself is just to much for me I tried it the other day and it took me at least an hr to get through traffic to get to I90. Then i90 to I5 was backed up. So ya...getting up everyday at 5AM is tough already so i would rather stay in the vicinity of my work. But with that said that does not mean I will not be there for the parties and the orgies. I will be all over that and then some. So yes folks, need to get back to work. I love ya guys.

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