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Hi folks,

I have no updated in a very long time and thats cause i've been busy as hell and have not hada good time to update. So here is my update. I leave for my trip tomorrow. Some people think i'm going to Iraq and i'm not. I'm going to a location similar to that. I am going over for one week for humanitarian work. Going to be setting up homes, providing food, clothing, and toys. I'm really excited because I am going to be climbing the Himalayan Mountains. Who has ever said that they climbed the himalayan mountains. Yea i'm going to be drinking tea with people in there cave homes. I dunno it's going to be a good time. I'll be there for one week, I am going to be keeping a video journal, and also a written journal. Will take lots of pictures with my digital camera.

After that trip i will be going to London for another week. I am staying at the Dorchester Hotel, pretty sweet place. We are going to be looking for a new office in London. I am also going to be interviewing people for our office there. It's going to be pretty crazy. So I will be there for another week. Really excited for both trips going back to back. I will update everyone whenever I can. BUt right now I gotsta get back to packing, ah so much stuff to pack it's crazy.!
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i'm going to the himalayas in January :)
It's good to hear from you! Have fun and stay safe! Can't wait to see pictures.
stay safe and come back Ben :)
Have a good trip, Ben.
I'm gonna miss dat ass.
sounds exciting! i'm jealous. have fun and stay safe!
someone's breaking my heart... you need to come home :(
hey dude! have a blast (i know you will). you are doing great things. you're an unstoppable force and the experiences you gain are too awesome to pass up. good luck and show us pics when you get back. it was good seeing you spontaneously that night!