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Ok lets talk politics. Oh and hello everyone I'm back for my yearly post =).

So I have been following the political spotlight in the last few months watching Obama take the DNC, choosing Biden as his running mate etc.

Now watching McCain choose his running mate, who the hell is this gov from Alaska? I mean ok she is female, maybe she can pull the Hillary's voters over. But hold on, oh yea thats right this Alaskan governor from the sticks is a complete 180 from Hillary Clinton. Alaska is the most corrupt state in the US, her own political career is questionable. And the republicans goal is to ramp her up to speed in the next 67 days to go up againest Joe Biden who has been in govt for the last 3 decades, who has an established foreign relations background and someone that can speak to the public and win them over.

All she is, is a ploy for McCains camp to try and win over the female population. Her stance is way to right winged and I do not believe the American population is going to fall for it. Look here is the deal, this is what I want in a president. I could care less right now for all the policies and what they stand for. I want someone that looks good not only at home but over seas. Obama has that ability to somehow with his charisma and charm, his amazing oratory skills to open his arms and give you this welcoming feeling. I look at McCain and Palin all I see is a grumpy old white man with his grumpy lil mistress.

So here is the deal. Obama speaks of this Hope and Change he hasn't been as specific as he likes, but dammit this Hope and Change is more than Washington has given us in the last 8 years. At least he is willing to speak it at least he is willing to tap into our hearts and not into our fears. Maybe he is saying everything we want to hear, but there is no damn way that he can take us any deeper than we already are. We are so deep in shit right now that I have to pick it out of my nose.

Yes, Obama is tapping into our dreams and hopes but this is something that I can believe in and hope to be apart of. One thing everyone should note, during election time how much of anything anyone that is running is saying is actually followed through on during there actual presidency. Everything is smokes and mirrors till they get into office, till then I'm going to follow the smokes and mirrors that lead me to a brighter light than to a dull cave.

Oh and someone should let the Governor of Alaska know that Obama has been running on the Hope/Change train for the last year now. She just had a speech and said and I quote, "If you are looking for Change in Washington, if you are looking for Hope in America." Man that sounds a lot like the democrats, I don't think she got the memo to come up with something a little more unique.
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